There's something wrong with American college students these days. First there was poor Annie Le's murder at Yale. Now an unidentified man has been arrested for allegedly stabbing a female student at a UCLA chemistry lab. What the fuck's happening?

The gory details haven't been sussed out just yet, but witnesses say the attack happened after the victim, who also has not been identified, got into a verbal altercation with the alleged assailant, another student, who then, for some insane reason, decided to punch her, stab her and slash her throat. He then walked away, as if nothing happened, which is fucking psycho.

A teacher's assistant helped the victim by applying pressure as the girl "staggered" around the chemistry lab, which is in Young Hall. Cops and administrators are urging students to stay away from the scene.

The suspect turned himself in a few minutes after the attack. The victim has been taken to a hospital for surgery. Students, meanwhile, are shocked. So, too, are we: who knew going to college could be so dangerous?