Those young Brits love their cocaine. Just love it! In fact, the amount of 18-24 year olds who are hooked on the stuff has doubled in four years. Now the government's unleashing a wave of graphic, campy PSAs.


Following the same shock-and-awe attitude seen in those texting PSAs, the government's anti-drug center's cocaine campaign get straight to the gruesome point: blow eats your very vocal nose, causes heart attacks, seizures and general death.

The inflamed, blood-encrusted imagery of talking nostrils should be effective, but then there's the addition of the campaign's breakout star, "Pablo the Drug Mule Dog," a taxidermic teetotaler whose affability deflates the whole message. He's like the Geico gecko, only with more fur and a more hardcore message.

Yes, this campaign has the makings of a camp classic, but we're not convinced it will deter people from the marching powder. Actually, it's probably even more amusing while high.

But apparently the British government has more faith. Though it started posting such videos on YouTube last December or so, it just paid about $2.5 million to air them on the boob tube. As if teenagers watch commercials anymore.