We'd be lying if we said that we weren't hoping for at least a temporary, small-scale lunar disaster this morning when NASA attacked the moon, with a rocket. The computer simulations, at least, showed a huge explosion. Alas.

No indication of the moon wobbling dangerously off its axis, starting an inexorable descent towards earth. No huge chunks of the moon breaking off, starting an inexorable descent towards earth. No angry aliens rising out of the moon's core in their battle crafts, starting an inexorable descent towards earth. No reason to call out the Army's top secret interstellar fighting force. In contrast to this direct quote from NASA's director of nerd propaganda, yesterday:

''This is going to be pretty cool,'' LCROSS project manager Dan Andrews told The Associated Press. ''We'll be going right down into it. Seeing the moon come up at you is pretty spectacular.''

Well. There was a helluva momentary gray shift. One area of the picture became a somewhat different shade of gray. So...it must have been crazy, if you were standing on the moon. In one of those known extraterrestrial civilizations.


Let's just shut down NASA and stick with Hollywood.