Conde Nast's having survival issues. Not to worry. Despite shuttering Gourmet and clearing out all the Orangina, Si's got a brand new bag: a Conde Nast dating site. We test-drove it with a profile on behalf of a certain chairman.

Welcome to British Vogue gave it a shoutout in a clever little advertorial plug yesterday:

TRULYMADLYDATING.COM is Conde Nast International's first dating site, supported by GLAMOUR.COM and GQ.COM, and created to unite glamorous girls with fashion-conscious GQ-reading boys to create matches made in style heaven.

So! Conde Nast setting up Conde Nast fans with Conde Nast fans. And we are nothing if not Conde Nast fans. Some people think there may be a problem with this:

Trying to set up Glamour readers and GQ readers seems like a pretty clever idea. One Fashionista editor, Abby Gardner however, is worried that most of the people in said "style heaven" are gay, so setting them up with a site that seems geared towards heteros will be hard. She also wonders why Condé thinks that entering the online dating business is a good idea: "I simply don't understand this use of resources or what on earth it has to do with your core business. If someone else can explain it to me, please do."

Not being an expert in this field, I can't exactly provide a cost-benefit analysis of how much TRULYMADLYDATING.COM is going to assist the beleaguered media corporation on behalf of the people who still work there that would like to keep their jobs, thank you very much. But! I am a consumer. And as a consumer, I can provide you with a review of my experience on the site! For a site that more or less serves as an advert for the properties it's associated with, it's pretty expensive!

6 months : £9.99/month Invoiced in one payment of £59.94 Save 50% on the normal 1 month rate!

It's filled with lots of Canadian people. Of course it's filled with Canadians. Can't really verify them, can you? [Ed. We have yet to try.]

Since Si's busy these days, we decided we'd test it out on his behalf. This profile basically took about two hours to fill out, and the email confirmation landed squarely in my SPAM box.

Decent, right? Si's assistants, feel free to help me fill in the brackets. Because, as of right now, it's a little lonely out here.

We'll be keeping you updated on our friend-finding progress for Si. Place your bets, ladies and germs. Hopefully, the field will get a little thicker as time goes on. In the mean time, I'm gonna have to give Conde's latest launch a little bit of a downward-titled thumb. It's a pain in the ass to use, it costs money, and it made me feel lonely (on behalf of Si). Also, its competition is the Gentile-friendly J-Date. Enough said.