Google—Sauron of the internet, world, and soon: Middle Earth's tech scene—will soon have your life on file, especially with the advent of Google Wave, which is still in the invite-stage. People are now paying for invites.

If you're a Google-horny fanperson with enthusiastic regard towards the way your existence will be cataloged on the internet, this one's for you. Google Wave is, in the words of Gizmodo:

What could best be described as a genetically modified inter-species lovespawn between Gmail, Google Docs, Twitter and AIM.

But really, is so ridiculously confusing, there's now a website devoted to voting on how confusing it actually is. Naturally, people are gonna put their lives on this thing, which Google will hold in their severs to one day hand over to the government when they ask for it. This is mildly unsettling.

Even moreso: people are now paying for the privilege to do it. Google Wave Invites, the community devoted to people sharing their invites, is now raffling off four invites. You can buy a ticket at a $1 a piece to enter in the drawing. Interestingly, the site's been down since they sent out the announcement, which you can view below. Yes, I wanted one (and still do!) to see what all this talk is about, and also, because I'm pretty sure our privacy's long doomed, anyway. Someone, somewhere, might be getting kneecapped by a man dressed in primary colors.

The funny upshot, however: some guy's making money from Wave invites, or at least trying. Wonder what Google has to say.