Maybe you've heard of Etsy, the uber-twee site allowing "creative" types to sell their "arts and crafts" "wares." Imagine shopping at Michael's on crack. Regretsy, which finds the most insane things on Etsy, is like shopping Michael's on acid.

There's so much funny on Regretsy, I'm not sure where to begin. I'm not the only one.

Maybe its name, a streak of obvious brilliance. Or the two anonymous posting names Knitler Youth and Helen Killer. Etsy is inherently funny, so finding the most insane things on Etsy just works. It's not like eBay, where people are selling ridiculous things. These people are expressing themselves. Sure, you could make an argument that Regretsy might be mean-spirited; after all, someone's pouring their heart into these things. Let me assure you that after about five minutes on Regretsy, you'll understand. Also, they link to all of the sellers, which makes for an awesome punchline: people are buying these things after being linked on Regretsy. Often. Occasionally, the internet will turn out a win-win situation. This is one of them. My three favorite Regretsy items below. Throw yours in the comments.

Yes, it's a Leopard Pink Goat Coat. Because your goat is caught in the never-fashion of fourteen years ago and wants to be on The Grind.


Yes, it's a catnip fetus. Because your named your pet Patrick Bateman.

Yes, it's a knit Christmas Nativity Meerkat Manger Scene. Because you're a festive meerkat.