Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales' ex-girlfriend Rachel Mardsen is the C-Grade Canadian version of Ann Coutler. Her editorial today is the C-Grade Canadian version of trying to be inflammatory to mediocre effect.

Mardsen's argument: Europeans should be better represented in the symbolism on display at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, because right now, the logo's some kind of Indian stone carving, and what'd those lazy bastards do but carve stone and get drunk on Scope while we, you know, built complete civilizations? Psh.

No, really. Other than the implied Scope thing, that's essentially what she wrote:

It's no coincidence that the best countries in the world are either European or founded by Europeans. Everywhere they go, European immigrants make things better – until they're asked to leave, at which point everything usually descends back into chaos. Not that they ever get any thanks for it.

She then defended herself after being called a racist, noting that she just wanted to have her cultural identity recognized on the logo! No harm, no foul! Also never recognized: the C-Grade Canadian versions of already mediocre inflammatory-for-the-sake-of personalities. We need to laud their efforts more often for contributing to the ability to put things in perspective. Like mediocre ethnocentrism. At least Michelle Malkin's funny-insane. You're just C-Grade Canadian boring.