We were never fanatics, but we did always have a special place in our hearts for Irish boy band Boyzone. Especially for their token gay, Stephen Gately. Sadly, Mr. Gately has passed on. And the sensational, gay-tinged speculation has begun!

It's unclear what exactly went down, but investigators know this: Gately and his husband Andy Cowley were in Spain, where they have a vacation home. The gents went out on Friday night, tossed a few back and then returned to their apartment.

At some point in the night, according to investigators, Gately choked on his own vomit and died. A gruesome way to go, yes, and not one we enjoy passing on. So, sorry.

It's all very sad and unexpected, but, considering Gately's gay ways, a perfect opportunity for papers, like the Daily Mail, to turn his last hours into a tawdry scandal.

Consider the paper's headline: "Boyzone star Stephen Gately and partner asked Bulgarian back back to £1m apartment."

We're not entirely sure what this mystery man's nationality has to do with the scandal, nor do investigators think he had anything to do with Gately's untimely death, but it makes for great tabloid fodder, no? We wonder whether Gately's sexuality has anything to do with this admittedly pointless article. Or perhaps it's just for shits and giggles.