While Lady Gaga was marching for gay rights, this star was slurring homophobic slurs in a bar, and this closeted politico was partying with the boys in New York. Also, Top Chef drama and druggie celebs. A gay old time!

1. "This Actor who seems fairly open minded and educated, was heard using prejudiced language and homophobic slurs when drunk at bar with some friends. We wonder what his gay co-stars would think of that? Not any television actors." [BuzzFoto]

2. "Which closeted George W. Bush appointee and political strategist was at an all-gay birthday party at Union Square the other night?" [P6]

3. "The contestants on Top Chef: Las Vegas were asked, 'What's the most annoying thing a customer's ever asked for/ordered?' Kevin Gillespie, Executive Chef and Partner at Woodfire Grill in Atlanta, replied: 'We had a famous musician demand that we not make contact, address her directly, or engage her in any way. We told her that once she could go out to dinner like normal people, should could eat at our restaurant.' Who is the famous musician Kevin was talking about?" [Blind Gossip]

4. "Since this weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving, I felt it was only right that all the answers today be people who were born in Canada. This C+/B- movie actor (Canadian) has been in his share of big movies and is currently filming what is expected to be huge by the studios but I'm not sure the public will agree. Anyway, our actor has already caused drama on the set by doing coke almost constantly and having production assistants deliver strippers to his trailer. Oh, our actor is being joined in all of this with the parent of his C listmovie actress co-star. (Not Canadian)." [CDaN]

5. "This C list movie and television actress has a movie world record all to herself. She is also married to an Oscar nominee/winner writer. Anyway, our actress, who has children was at her children's doctor when she started talking to a woman who had three kids of her own, one of which had bone cancer. The woman didn't have insurance and was having a tough time paying the doctor bills. Long story short. Our actress hosted a fundraiser with her husband and raised $100,000 to pay for all the medical bills for the child and to give the family a much needed vacation." [CDaN]

6. "Probably the most well known of the Canadians in the blinds today. This is an actress who is B list because of a very hit show she was on. She is currently filming another show where she and her much older co-star are having a fling. No big deal in Hollywood although it will probably wreck the long term marriage of her co-star." [CDaN]

7. "Which stuck-up celeb is going to struggle to find a restaurant table as her demanding reputation and stingy attitude is getting her banned from top places around London? Your extra clue: Perhaps the money's starting to dry up—it would explain a lot." [UK Mirror]