Kids these days sure know how to keep us horrified. Just when we think the little bastards can't get any more psychotic, five middle school boys have been arrested for setting a 15-year old classmate alight. Why?

The Deerfield Beach, Florida, fight started because the victim, Michael Brewer (seen here), owed another boy $40 measly bucks for a video game. The indebted boy, 15-year old Matthew Bent, retaliated by stealing Brewer's father's bike, a crime for which Brewer called the cops.

That's when things got insane: Bent called up some friends and they went over to Brewer's house, allegedly doused him with lighter fluid and then set him on fire. And now for the truly disturbing detail: witnesses say Bent ordered "pour it on him," while the others laughed and chanted, "he's a snitch." (Apparently the s-word hasn't gone out of style.)

The five accused — the youngest of whom is 13 — have been charged with aggravated assault, but 15-year old Jesus Mendez, who allegedly started the fire, also faces attempted second degree charges. Brewer, meanwhile, suffered second degree burns all over his body.

All this over a stupid fucking video game, the root of all 21st century evil.

Image via WCBS.