What's on Mike Bloomberg's schedule today? Oh, he's heading to Staten Island to campaign for Borough President James P. Molinaro's reelection, with his good friend Rudy Giuliani! He loves Rudy again!

At last night's mayoral debate (sigh), Bloomberg announced that he thinks Rudy would be a "good governor." That right there should disqualify Bloomberg from holding any elected office, that he'd just straight-up lie like that. He knows full well that Rudy is a corrupt, race-baiting little would-be tyrant who'd make Spitzer's tantrums look like shrewd political deal-making.

From when Rudy attempted to run for a then-illegal third term through when Bloomberg bitched about the deficits he inherited to when Rudy got pissed at Bloomberg for dipping his toes in the 2008 presidential race, theirs has been a friendship for the ages. We are thrilled to see it still so strong.