We received a tips that not only is celebrity chef Todd English sporting a shiner, he's also filing assault charges today against Erica Wang, the bride he left at the altar last weekend. This might ruin her book deal!

Ever since the wedding was canceled, Wang has been trying to spin it like she is the one who was wronged, and is reportedly looking for a book deal, a TV show, or something of that ilk. America loves to feel sympathy for a bride left behind, especially if Wang sticks with the story that English called her on the afternoon of their nuptials to cancel and then went out partying in Miami with other women that night.

We heard (but haven't confirmed) that English went to the 13th Precinct today to file the charges. This isn't the first time that English claimed that Wang was abusive. A "friend" of his told the Boston Globe today that Wang "sometimes hit him, including once with his own watch, opening a cut around his eye." We initially thought the charges were for old offenses, but since we heard English currently has a black eye, it might be something new entirely. (Update: The tipster clarifies that the charges concern an incident back in September, so the shiner is still unexplained.) Or simply part of a PR offensive.

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