After nearly thirty years on the road it's hard enough to know who you are, let alone where you are. And after all, isn't being a big time rock star all about people remembering you, not you remembering them.

Unfortunately, it seems the people of Latin America don't take well to hearing that their countries all look alike. Particularly when, if you are Chile, you've been at state of near-war with Peru, the country for whom you're being mistaken, on and off for a century.

But when Depeche Mode's front man closed his Peruvian concert the other night by shouting "Thank you, Chile!" (see video below) he was in fact following a venerable rock tradition of confusing Peru for some other Latin American country. According to New Music Express, Alanis Morissette closed a 2003 concert with "Thank you, Brazil!" But hey, at least they thanked them.

Now Peru is the one with the llamas...and Chile invented cocaine?