For a century now, the world has flocked to California's shores in search of that golden promise of no-questions-asked, no-eyebrows-raised, plastic surgery on demand. But thanks to one flailing Governor, the sun has now set on that dream.

The newly signed law makes it mandatory for patients to get health checks before undergoing cosmetic surgery. Imagine that, mandating people get checked by a doctor before undergoing surgery! Can the reign of the commissars and the Soviets be far behind?

The Donde West law was named for the mother of rapper/Taylor Swift-abuser Kanye West, who died two years ago after getting plastic surgery without first checking out whether surgery was compatible with her coronary-artery disease.

Hammering another nail in the coffin of the dream, Schwarzenegger signed another law limiting the ability of paparazzi to stalk at will across the state. The new law outlaws photographing celebrities involved in "personal or familial activity." The law also places fines on outlets who carry such pictures.

Californians awoke to a different state this morning; a state where paparazzi and plastic surgeons now are expected to live within "societal norms." Californians once had a term for such a state. We called it New Jersey.