As if sitcoms don't have enough problems. What with the death of media and all, it's a rough time to be working in TV's oldest genre. But now showbiz butinskis are ready to level the coup de grace: Volunteerism Week.

The plan is the brain child of sinisterly named Entertainment Industry Foundation, a non-profit which, their website chillingly states, "harnesses the collective power of the entertainment industry and channels its unique assets to raise awareness and funds for critical health, educational and social issues in order to make a positive impact in our community and throughout the nation"— a.k.a. ruining entertainment for everyone with a bunch of ham handed do-gooder messages.

Documents obtained by the Big Hollywood website, reveal the depth of the conspiracy to drown out jokes and plot twists with venerable references to "service and volunteerism."

As shown in the excerpt below, the EIF promises that the Up With Community guidelines will be "organically' worked into the plotlines in a non-intrusive way, but haven't we all heard that promise before? Did the horrors of Green Week suddenly never happen?

And besides, isn't forcing plotlines down a show's throat the definition of intrusive? What is the non-intrusive version of inserting a plotline that otherwise would have never been anywhere near a show? Or a note of earnestness into a series in which jeering cynicism is the domination tone, like say the NBC Thursday night line-up?

Well, these EIF'ers better look out. It's one thing to mess with Americans health care or tax deductions, but when you come after their TV shows...if America has to get up off its couch its not gonna get up quietly.