Do you stay up all night? Or maybe live in a timezone where you're up when it's the middle of the night in NYC? Oh good, because Gawker has some overnight positions open. Details after the jump.

We're changing up Gawker's night shift a bit. Ryan Tate was an expert one-man band when he established night editor position, working from night til dawn, monitoring night-time television and the morning's breaking news. It may be too much to expect one person to duplicate him, so we're going to try splitting the gig into two half-shifts:

Early shift Early is relative, of course, as it'll run from, say, 8pm to midnight EST, Sunday through Thursday. Much of what we post on the site during that time is based on what's happening on TV, so the focus of the gig would be monitoring news and chat shows and finding clips and posting commentary as it airs. Of course, news can happen any time — juicy tips arrive around the clock, old media orgs are still fond of posting their biggest storiess at night — this person needs to be able to handle breaking news.

Late shift This shift would run from around 2am to 6am EST, also Sunday through Thursday. These hours are grueling hours for someone in New York, so it would be particularly well-suited for someone in the U.K., Australia or the West Coast. The main focus is making sure that Gawker has a jump on the major stories of the day by the time we're waking up in NYC. Writing experience is vital, as is a strong voice and news judgment.

If you're interested in either position, please email me at with a convincing argument for why you're right for the job. Be sure to say which shift you're applying for.

Image via DbS Count Zero's flickr