It's Halloween monster time in Hollywood — but which is more scary, the ones with fangs in Twilight or Wild Things, or the ones with spray on tans like Jon Gosselin, or the ones with really big wallets like Rupert?

• With just over a month before it returns to theaters, the Twilight onslaught begins today as the soundtrack to New Moon, the second film in the series, hits stores. With the pop/indie world's biggest bands all dying for a piece of the Twilight coattails, the album features an impressive line-up including original songs by Muse, Radiohead's Thom Yorke, Deathcab for Cutie and OK Go. The first soundtrack sold 2.3 million units and remains on Billboard's Top 100 a year after its release. [Variety]

• The weekend box office battle is shaping up as a fight between Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are and viral phenom Paranormal Activity. Box office savants are predicting that Wild Things will ultimately take the crown, grossing in the 30 million range, while Paranormal should rake in a still-impressive-considering-it-was-made-for-nothing 20 million. [The Wrap]

• TLC is filing a breach of contract lawsuit against its ex-star Jon Gosselin, alleging that Gosselin violated his contract by taking paid jobs with other networks including Entertainment Tonight and The Insider. [LA Times]

• The advantage nature shows have over reality shows is you can show animals actually doing it and not have to cut away when things get intense. Fox is thus prepping a new wilderness reality channel to be called National Geographic Wild to replace the just killed Fox Reality Channel. [Variety]

• While the fate of NBC/Universal hangs in the balance, the picture suddenly got more complicated. Rupert Murdoch and Liberty Media's John Malone have both in recent days expressed interest in getting in the bidding, muddying Comcast's clear road to acquisition. [Hollywood Reporter]