In your downright fraudulent Friday media column: A fakester is claiming to work for W, Forbes is losing a top editor and National Lampoon will help your weekend arrive sooner.

Your usual host Hamilton Nolan is off for the rest of the day, so you're stuck with me. Rest assured, I'm as sorry about all this as you are.

A fellow calling himself Bob Anderson is going around pretending to be a writer for W magazine. He even registered an entire fakey domain name,, to make his emails look more legit, according to an email exchange we've reviewed between him and a media event organizer. But the scammer was nevertheless excluded from a recent event after he was busted trying to pass off another writer's online column as his own. The writer is a lady of the female persuasion, and her byline is on the online column submitted by "Bob Anderson" as credentials. So, be on guard against this guy, if you are very very easily fooled.

Forbes' executive editor for technology, Betsy Corcoran, is leaving the magazine after ten years. The Silicon Valley journalism fixture is launching a startup to bring more technology into America's classrooms (, not yet live). She tells us her departure is "really and truly about my passion for education and technology" — and not the relentless rounds of layoffs at her magazine.

Eighteen years worth of National Lampoon covers, starting at the magazine's 1970 inception, have been posted online. (Via Robert Newman). A perfect way to burn through the rest of your last day of "work" this week, no? (For the youths: The Lampoon was like The Onion of the 1970s and 1980s, but with a little bit more actual news, and a lot more questionable taste.)

Why is conservative, gay-marriage-hating Denver billionaire Philip Anschutz pouring money into right-wing DC media sinkholes like the Examiner newspaper and the Weekly Standard magazine? Because he can, is about the best answer anyone can come up with, according to a profile in Politico. Just your basic propaganda play, but with dying media. That should end as well as Anschutz's dabbling in movies, probably (i.e. poorly).