Below is some of the email exchanges beween Balloon Boy father Richard Heene and his sometime professional collaborator Robert Thomas.

You can read more about all this here.

Thomas first sent Heene an email in February of this year asking about possibly collaborating on a web site Thomas had started. Here is Heene's reply from about a month later.

The next day, Heene sent Thomas a copy of the music video he had made with his sons, "Not Pussified," three days before Heene uploaded it to Youtube.

A couple weeks later, they were getting back to work on developing their reality series. Here's a note that Heene sent after a UFO hunting trip.

By April, they were hard at work on the show. Here is some notes Thomas sent to Heene shortly before a conference call to pitch the show.

Heene's wife Mayumi, whose name inspired the name of Heene's production company, kept track of how many hours Thomas was putting into the show.

She also asked Thomas to help babysit their kids.