OMG. Mad Men mad genius creator Matthew Weiner spoke at The New Yorker festival this weekend, and shared his brilliant brain with people in New York, and he probably said something amazing, right? Right. About? The Internet. Yes, The Internet.

Via NY Mag's Vulture:

I met this guy who was creating software where you could watch Mad Men and you could chat with your friend while you're watching it, and things would pop up, and facts would pop up, and I said, "You're a human battery. Turn the fucking thing off! You're not allowed to watch the show anymore. You're missing the idea of sitting in a dark place and having an experience. Are you just like sitting with your phone and you're kissing your girlfriend and saying, 'I'm kissing my girlfriend! This is so great, we're having sex!'" EXPERIENCE THINGS!"

Yes, like a television show where something actually happens. Or, you know, not watching TV.

There's more where that came from. EXPERIENCE IT!

[Photo via Mark J. Terrill/AP]