Iranian officials are blaming America for a terrorist attack in the Sistan-Baluchistan province. They're also vowing to take revenge on those responsible for the bombing. This could get ugly.

You would think a meeting between fighting tribal factions in Iran, would be a super safe place, but a suicide bomber killed at least 29 people at a "Shiite-Sunni Tribes' Solidarity Conference" on Sunday. The dead included six commanders of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards. A Sunni insurgent group took responsibility for the attack, but even with other people taking credit for the bombing some Iranian officials say there's an American conspiracy at work.

The Baluchistan truthers include Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani who said "If we review the past, there have been many secret and public reports on the US connections and aids to the terrorists in the province... and this shows Americans' enmity towards Iran's progress." In a statement released through the Fars news agency, the Revolutionary Guard said the bombing was the work of "terrorists" backed by "the great Satan America and its ally Britain." Iranian officials also promised to strike back at those responsible for the attack, which makes the allegations of US involvement pretty ominous.

Update: Now Iran is also blaming Pakistan for this bombing. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told reporters in his best James Bond movie villain voice that "some security agents in Pakistan are co-operating with the main elements of this terrorist incident... we regard it as our right to demand these criminals from them."