Former Gourmet editor Ruth Reichl does not read this blog or Craigslist, which is causing her all sorts of trouble, in the media.

EXAMPLE ONE: Gatecrasher reports that "There was no official word on why Reichl failed to show up at a fete hosted by Alan Batt in honor of Gourmet [yesterday], but her absence sure fueled the dish among the city's top foodies." That would be this one. Apparently, notes on Craigslist aren't the best way to get in touch with Ruth Reichl. Live and learn.

EXAMPLE TWO: Deborah Solomon interviewed Reichl for the NYT magazine this weekend. Look at this outrage:

Did you see Jon Stewart the other night, when he made a Gourmet joke?
I did not. What did he say?

[Explanation of his joke]
That's great! I'm amazed no one has told me that.

No one except us, Ruth Reichl. Why do you ignore us so, Ruth Reichl? Hey, your picture is real nice.