Obama's willing to look the other way on the medical marijuana thing. You know who is not, though? Lawmen in L.A., which is now one big legal weed spot. They are such bitches.

Stupid lawmen types noticed that LA was becoming overrun with legal weed spots, thanks to a legal loophole, so they tried to put a moratorium on them, and were sued. Meanwhile, cops are kicking in doors and shutting shit down at weed dispensaries. It's not the Feds, dude, it's the locals; specifically, LA district attorney Steve Cooley, a bitch ass scrub who wants to shut down all the weed shops because they are not technically "legal," in California, allegedly. That's right, Cooley: We called you a bitch ass. It's in the first amendment, look it up.

But meanwhile, you know who is on the side of the weed people? A motherfucking judge!

A Superior Court judge concluded today that Los Angeles' moratorium on new medical marijuana dispensaries is invalid and granted a preliminary injunction against enforcement of the ban sought by a dispensary that had sued the city.

Follow the law and stop being illegal against weed!
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