How did Sabine Heller get an exclusive first interview with the new owner of Harvey Weinstein's former social network, A Small World? Being an employee of A Small World probably helped. (Updated)

Heller doesn't disclose it in her Huffington Post article or bio, but she was until recently an editor at the site, we hear. A spokesperson for the website writes under a CityFile post that Heller is no longer with the company, but that hardly washes away a major source of bias. Then again, conflicts of interest are part of the magical fuel that helps drive the Huffington Post. No writer really works for free.

UPDATE: A tipster writes to inform us that, behind the A Small World firewall, Heller is still listed as editor in chief of A Small Magazine. The site has given the magazine less prominence on A Small World's home page, our tipster adds, after a "disastrous" article on "Young Power Couples," which prompted A Small World co-founder Louise Wachtmeister to comment as follows:

An all time low!

Not like the old days, discrete and understated.

I sadly state this and I am a co-founder of ASW .

I am embarrassed and want to state that I have nothing to do with this. If I was the editor, I would listen to feedback, not criticize it, and in some cases apologize to the members.


(Pic via Starworks)