It used to be that people who were compulsive hoarders suffered in silence. Now they can suffer on national television! That A&E show Hoarders has made them the hottest crazies on the block. Should they be destroyed?

Sure, we all want to have a hoarder friend now, just to stay "in the loop" of pop culture. Who's more interesting, your normal stupid friends, or this person?

A subset of hoarders house large numbers of animals. Experts at the school of veterinary medicine at Tufts University report seeing cases with as many as 1,000 animals in a single home.

It's a thousand times better than having one cat! But hoarding's not just an interesting pastime for animal lovers. It has a dark side. Observe:

  • "Faulkner said there is a North American shortage of ammunition because many U.S. gun owners have begun hoarding ammunition anticipating that the Obama administration will impose tougher gun laws."
  • "A 65-year-old Maine woman was jailed for allegedly assaulting a state trooper with a stun gun during an investigation into whether she was hoarding animals at her house."
  • "The home of the Pearl couple accused of hoarding animals is no longer standing. Crews knocked it down Monday morning because it was deemed unfit for human habitation.
    In April, authorities discovered over 30 cats and dogs inside the home of Paula and Gerald Keyes. Four dead dogs were found in a freezer in the garage. And officials say all flooring was soaked with urine and feces."
  • "Hoarding and speculations in the commodities market are the main reasons behind the spurt in prices of agro commodities, say market watchers."

Overall hoarding is cool to look at and all but we're going to have to eradicate hoarders, for safety. Sorry dudes.
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