Is there such a thing as a sure thing anymore? Sony seems to think so but the list surely gets ever shorter.

• Respectable but not a bona fide hit is the verdict on sales for The Beatles: Rock Band video game. The release lifted the music game category out of the sales cellar, but failed to turn the world on its head. [USA Today]

• Sony has called in its biggest stationary guns for the premiere of its Michael Jackson film. The Wrap has pictures of the very fancy, engraved metal plate invitation. (Ours is no doubt in the mail.) [The Wrap]

Hairspray director and So You Think You Can Dance judge Adam Shankman has signed a deal to bring the Broadway musical Rock of Ages to the big screen. [Variety]

• As the search begins for a replacement for Dan Glickman as head of the MPAA, some are saying the organization is due for an overhaul, that the ancient lobbying arm of the industry is due to be for a overhaul turn it into a spiffy modern lobbying firm. [Variety]

• Former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford meanwhile has emerged as an early front-runner to succeed Gickman. [Hollywood Reporter]

• Hollywood is eating itself up over the just leaked news that former Fox chief Peter Chernin is advising Comcast in their bid to buy GE/Universal. Implications abound. Defamer's fuller speculation to follow shortly. [The Hot Blog]

• Actor Seymour Cassel has been suspended from SAG's Board of Directors for allegedly sexually harassing three union staffers. Cassel will have to give up the board seat he has occupied for the past eight years. [The Wrap]