In your dangerous Tuesday media column: A media employee cries for help from the office bathroom, more details on yesterday's Glamour layoffs, a dangerous liberal media pumpkin, and a newspaper gets cheaper, on purpose.

"ALM needs to be shamed," writes a desperate media employee drowning in the stank hellhole that is his office. Read and marvel at the depths to which what was once Steven Brill's prize jewel has sunk

OK. I got over, sort of, our furlough week (the unpaid vacation we all had
to take). The ever changing company name unnerves, but I'm a peon. As long
as the paycheck clears my money could come from the South Carolina GOP and
I wouldn't care. But this company has pushed me over the edge today. For
some reason I work with men who think it's cool to leave their reading
material in the bathroom. As the day moves on the bathroom is filled with
printed articles from ESPN and a few newspapers. Occasionally the stuff
left is work related. Only occasionally. All of this is left on the floor
as if the restroom is the private world of these media giants. And don't
get me started about seeing the number of people who walk out without
washing their hands!

Now I know you probably think I'm some neat freak who counts his paper
clips. I'm not (394 in case in you are wondering), but come on! Are we such
bottom media feeders we can't respect our co-workers, wash our hands AND
throw out our bathroom readings? Are we so ashamed of writing about lawyers
(shudder) that we forget courtesy to the person in the next pod?

Shame us Gawker. Tell us what slobs we are and to pick up our game. Point
to other media companies where this behavior is frowned upon. Remind ALM
employees that washing your hands is probably a good thing. Tell us the
restroom is not our home bathroom and to stop treating it as such! Please.
You are my last hope.

The restroom is not your home bathroom, ALM employees. Shame on you.

Irresponsible members of the liberal media at the Boston Globe published and disseminated to the public a suggestion for a Halloween pumpkin design that "called for decorators to create a pumpkin with a three-foot flame." After a stern warning from the fire marshal, the paper has removed the suggestion from its website. Score one for law and order.

Nifty: The Toledo Blade is offering $1 subscriptions to the unemployed. Since the unemployment rate in Toledo is one million percent, this should just make the Toledo Blade fold faster than ever. But, nice gesture.

A tipster sends more info on yesterday's layoffs at Glamour:

they let go two of the most beloved, smartest and most hard-working deputy editors, both of whom had been there around a decade. people left behind wonder how the magazine will even get printed without these two women.
also lost:
an accessories associate
fashion credits editor
articles editor
what most would agree were the best photo editor and the best graphic designer
a production director
and others
layoffs seemed very political...though the word was "reorganizing"...

[Bathroom pic: Flickr]