Earlier this month, the Weinstein brothers jettisoned their stake in A Small World, the wobbly Facebook-for-Millionaires social networking site. Today, they announced a "joint venture" with Perseus Books to reduce the overhead at their book publishing arm.

Going forward, Perseus will provide "editorial, sales and digital services to current and future titles from Weinstein Books," and the companies will jointly develop book ideas. Harvey Weinstein says that'll be a snap:

Weinstein said he expects to use his contacts to bring in leading authors as well as political and cultural figures to the joint venture. "I can open my Rolodex," he said.

Well, gosh, opening your Rolodex! That's a great idea. We wonder why it didn't occur to him before he had to partner with an actual book publisher in order to make the business work.

Of course, our cynicism is misplaced: Harvey assures us that everything is looking up at what the New York Times, in our favorite new phrase, calls his "miniature entertainment conglomerate":

In an interview, Harvey Weinstein described his film company's finances as "getting healthier every second."

Indeed, as the Weinsteins retreat from all their ill-advised ventures, their finances get healthier. Pretty soon they'll exit the movie business entirely and achieve peak fitness.