That's right, today Real Housewife of New York Frankel confirmed that she is pregnant. Did she know before she signed on for her own reality show? Or before she got engaged? And what will Jill Zarin say? So many questions!

Bethenny told People magazine that she is only two months along, and is letting the world know about the news after Perez Hilton started gossiping about the bun in her oven. She told the tabs before her fiance, Jason Hoppy, even told his parents.

The plain-talking Frankel of course had something hilarious to say about the news.

"I got to be honest, we are both feeling kind of proud of ourselves. We are both 38 and we were like, 'Listen, your fish can swim and I am fertile.' So that's exciting."

Bravo announced Bethenny would get her own show October 1, so she was already a month pregnant when the deal became public. That probably means that neither she nor the network knew about this unexpected guest star when negotiations started, but it sure is going to add and exciting new dimension to her upcoming show. She got engaged to Hoppy earlier this month, so the two developments were occurring simultaneously.

Since Real Housewives of New York is currently filming for its third season, we'll get to see how all the ladies react to hearing the news. By all accounts, Frankel is out with the squad of faux-cialites, so this should make for a really interesting baby shower when producers force them all in the same room to play silly games.

Well, Congrats, Big B. We can't wait to see how you cope with motherhood on national television.

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