Celebrity chef Todd English didn't show up for his wedding to Erica Wang earlier this month, but he was there for the fake wedding he threw on a boat in Croatia in August. We have the real fake wedding pictures!

Wang had previously told the New York Post about the fake wedding, but this is the first photographic evidence. On a trip through Croatia and Venice, English rented a boat and had the ship's chef (fitting) perform a wedding ceremony that was not legally binding.

It was all very sweet. They both wore all white, fake wedding bands, fake wedding certiciates, and even looks like there were real tears. You can almost feel the fake love. From this picture we can't tell if the wedding rings are the nice, simple silver bands, or the big, honkin ugly ones with the stones. Maybe both?

"I love a good surprise, what chick doesn't?" Wang told the Post. Well, we don't think she liked the surprise when he didn't show up to marry her!

Wang also told the Post, "He said he wanted that day to be a memory only the two of us could share." Well, now it's something the whole world can share too!


It will be interesting to see how these pictures play into the ongoing PR war between the two, which climaxed with English pressing assault charges against Wang. She then turned herself in. That doesn't sound like a way for man and (fake) wife to behave, now does it?