The Times today profiles Michael Graczyk, an AP reporter whose beat is Texas executions. He's watched hundreds of people die. Sounds terrible. But is it the worst possible beat? Help us find out!

Somewhere in this great land of ours, there is a reporter who holds the single worst reporting job in America. Sure, the guy who has to constantly watch men be filled up with poison in a prison in Huntsville, Texas is a strong candidate. But we know there are many more. What about the reporter who has to cover long-haul truckers? Or the municipal waste beat? Or the St. Louis Rams?

We need you, the Gawker diaspora, to give us suggestions (in the comments, or to email me). You live out there. You have a local paper. You go to work and scoff at the heartbreakingly bland industry trade publication on the coffee table. You see the ridiculous crap that gets published. What's the worst of all? We will make a little list, and it will be enjoyable. Whoever sends in the winner gets a free t-shirt! Or, if you yourself are the journalist on the worst beat in America—sweet, sweet death.