Erin Wagner broke down tonight. She started off strong and sure of herself, but when it was time to prove herself worthy of a Covergirl commercial campaign she buckled, failed, and played the pity card by weeping openly.

Hormones, or something like them were riding high tonight on The CW as the models-to-be faced off. It seemed Erin Wagner embodied the spirits of the unrestrained lioness, impressing the judges with her rat-a-tatting repartee. She was the interviewer receiving the most love, but things went downhill as she went from a full throttle Insider questioning Jessica Lowndes, rising starlet of 90210 fame, to a big crybaby. If you want to keep playing with the big girls Erin, you're gonna have to try a little harder. Stay strong cry-baby, you're only runner up for biggest loser this week. Now go say your teary goodbyes to Rae, who was booted for having a man's name.