Check out this picture of disgraced Dolce & Gabbana flack-turned alleged felon voicemail hacker Ali Wise being like, "OMG...Muscle Milk Light?!" What? Oh, today's news: Ali Wise was mean, say snitches. Others say: Nuh uh!

The PR world is so backstabby.

Manhattan p.r. princess Ali Wise would hack into the voice mails of one of her love rivals to gather ammunition against her — then turn around and call her to taunt her with it, a source close to the case said yesterday.

Wise also made hang-up calls to pals of the victim, Briana Rasinski, with a device that left Rasinski's phone number on their caller IDs, the source said.

That's pretty psycho, allegedly! To be completely fair, I got an email from an (alleged) anonymous friend of Ali's defending her, saying "The tabloid press is mean-spirited and they don't fact check" (true) and "the girl is going thru hell" (probably true) and "She is funny, smart, pretty, vivacious and guys have always LOVED her" (seems plausible) and "Guys have been obsessed with her to the point where her friends jokingly ask Ali advice on how she make guys fall so hard! Ali could write the book!" (dunno).
There are two sides to every crazy, crazy story.
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