In your extra-good Thursday media column: We get results for aggrieved media employees, a scandalous media blind item for you to examine, a Texas paper loves LSD, and Chuck Todd is the new Samson.

Gawker gets results, when it comes to The Real Issues. Earlier this week, we brought you the shameful tale of ALM's bathrooms, which were shamefully littered with reading material. Now, our tipster says, the tempest has passed:

For the past two days our facilities (at least on the men side) have been free of reading material. People still read, but they take the ESPN article with them or throw the stuff out. And I have not noticed anyone walking out minus a pit stop at one of sinks for some hand washing.

It was signed "Underpaid but Grateful For The Little Things," which is a healthy attitude for a media employee.

BLIND ITEM RUMORMONGER: Which newspaper executive was recently (allegedly) fired for expense account forgeries? Leave your guesses in the comments.

The Pottsboro (Texas) Press accidentally ran this ad even though it has bad words in it and is about drugs. When will the Pottsboro (Texas) Press stop trying to get our kids "stoned," on LSD sex freakouts?

NBC straight man Chuck Todd is going to have to shave his trademark goatee(!) because he lost a bet to god damn Jake Tapper, about who would win the baseball playoffs. Oh Chuck. Don't lose all your power!