When we asked if you dropped by Tracy Morgan's Barnes & Noble reading yesterday in Union Square, we were feeling bad about staying home to watch 30 Rock instead. But, based on our reader reports, we made the funnier call.

Writes our tipster:

Wow. I wasn't expecting him to dance like a monkey, but neither was I expecting to leave the bookstore depressed. You know the scene in 30 Rock where [Tracy Jordan] gives a speech at his High School and has a breakdown? It was like that, only not funny. At one point, while talking about his father and his mother, he broke down crying. Nobody knew how to react, so we gave him an awkward round of applause. Maybe three laughs in 45 minutes.

Here's the clip in question:

Well, it might not have been funny, but at least it wasn't a downer. Writes another tipster:


Either way, it sounds like Morgan had a really emotional day. First he was breaking down on NPR and then this. There aren't many people we'd want to give a big hug and tell them that it will be OK, but Tracy is at the top of the list.

Were you there? Got pictures? Let us know!