The Way We Live Now: Gangsta. We don't fuck around in tough times. You rob us? We take your gun. We shoot em up like Sparks Steakhouse. We pay our debts in gold chains. We'll take the entire bank, please!

Everybody thinks, oh, if things get too bad I'll just go on down to the bodega and rob the place, problem solved. Well yea, go ahead and think that, then you meet a clerk named Mustafa Yakupoglu, who will grab your big ass shotgun out of your hands and chase you out of his store, like a bunch of dudes scared of a man with a shotgun.

It's like that. People don't give it up easy any more. You want gangster? Sparks Steakhouse! They killed Castellano there! It does not get any more gangster, in Midtown Manhattan. And even Sparks has to cough up $3 million to pay off waiters it shorted. Or else. (They would be in contempt of court).

Nobody's safe, man. You thought rich people in Connecticut couldn't get touched by this? Those people are living their lives in one big fucking pawn shop now. People in Greenwich are hocking their gold jewelry for emergency cash.

It's like that.

We're coldhearted! We even lay you off at the Salvation Army! We're money hungry! We took down 99 banks and we're coming for you next! If you're not gangsta, you better get gangsta quick. Those people in Greenwich will eat you alive.