Damn, the economy's getting to everyone these days. Even the lord and savior of a bunch of people, Jesus Christ (33), who apparently endorsed Riverview Community Bank only to see it shut down, reports Minneapolis' Citypages. Holy shit, holy bummer.

No, seriously: this guy Chuck Ripka of Otsego, Minnesota was once in the news for advocating prayer in the workplace. He wrote a book about how God told him to open his bank, and that God would "take care of the bottom line." The above picture was placed prominently in their offices. And yesterday, Ripka's bank was shut down by the Minnesota Department of Commerce regulators after screwing themselves via mass real-estate lending. It's been bought out by another bank already. This was sometime after a gas leak killed three bank workers in one of Ripka's offices a few years back. Lesson learned: if Jesus saves, he doesn't do it in Minnesota. Or he won't be doing it anymore. Meanwhile, watch Ripka in action below, and decide exactly how godless you prefer your finance professionals to be next time.