We got word that there were even more layoffs than previously reported at Conde Nast this week. As it turns out, the sharp scythe of McKinsey cut into Women's Wear Daily.

From a tipster's report, we hear: one employee at the West Coast bureau in LA got axed, as well as one in the Georgia bureau, and one in the Miami bureau. Furthermore, two got axed in New York, but the good word also has it that the mothership in New York is desperately trying to protect their own in the face of cuts across the board (naturally).

So: five from Women's Wear Daily, coming at the end of a shitty, shitty week that started with 16 layoffs from Wired, Lucky, and Glamour, which was before market research and Bon Appetit both got nailed, too.

And you think you had a bad week. Here's hoping it's the end of this, for now.

[Pic: Rafael Chamorro]