Maybe you're familiar with Stephen A. Smith, one of the most ridiculous people in sports journalism's storied history. Well, Smith's now a talking head on CNN. And he can't tell the difference between a DA and the DEA.

There's so much awesome ridiculousness in this clip, I couldn't tell you where to begin. You could start with Christine Romans' theoretical about being a "party girl" who needs "15 hits of E." Or Ali Velshi astutely noting that the word "prostitute," after a good Googling, turns up "many, many roads." He knows this how? Common knowledge!

But then there's Stephen "Cheesy Doodle" Smith. EVERYTHING HE HAS TO SAY IS IMPORTANT. And now he's commentary?

"If something were illegal," Smith, uh, argues, "they couldn't come on CNN and advertise it!" O RLY? Also: debatable. But then they get to the subject of who would get involved to enforce this thing, and Stephen A. Smith confuses the DEA with the DA. And then: crickets. Pointless, awkward, wonderful. This is one of my favorite out-of-context clips ever, now. Enjoy.