'I love NY' T-Shirts? About $2. New, meme-tastic 'I Can't Afford To Love NY' T-Shirts? $19.99 (including shipping) from some hipster who prints onto American Apparel because apparently the new avoiding cliches is diving headlong into cliches.

The only acceptable time to pull on this T-shirt is with a wistful sigh as you step onto a bus from New York to Detroit or Cleveland or some other cheaper city you've been forced to move to. If you're wearing it in the Metro area - even really far out on a shitty train - then you're just lying, unless you're making a philosophical point about the emotional cost of love.

Also: the key to hipster jokes, as embodied in this sloganeering, is to make a joke that is clearly a joke, but is not actually funny. Other hipsters then acknowledge your hipster joke by saying "that's funny" instead of laughing. Thus everyone gets to feel clever.

Also also, while we're on the recession/hipsters topic: having ProTools and large headphones does not make you a musician. Writing poetry in your house about your ex-girlfriend does not make you a poet. If your novel is unpublished, you are not a novelist. If, however, you wait tables in a cafe, you are definitively a waiter. There is no shame in admitting this, especially if you're also going to trumpet your broke-ness on a T-shirt. Thanks.