Clearly the war with Fox News has given the Obama team a thirst for red (politically) blood. They've now been accused of a campaign of "invectives" and "name-calling" against the global warming-denying US Chamber of Commerce.

On Fox News Sunday - because why not? - the chief lobbyist for the Chamber of Commerce, Bruce Josten, said Rahm Emmanuel had stolen his lunch and given him a wedgie. Actually he said that differences over healthcare and economic policy had led to a mini-war.

Josten, who had ignored advice to just stay away from the bigger boys, said the Chamber would not be fighting back. "We intend to remain focused on our goals and our responsibilities to represent the American business," he said. "We're not going to take the bait and engage in a name-calling campaign here of invectives back and forth. We're going to stay focused."

The White House say they didn't do anything and weren't even there. "There has, of course, been disagreement on issues like energy and regulatory reform," deputy press secretary Jen Psaki told the Washington Post. "But we're going to continue to work with the Chamber on a variety of issues including job creation for large and small businesses."