Todd English's Jilted Bride Called His Kids 'Pigs'

The celebrity chef and his jilted bride Erica Wang continue to duke it out. No one knows anything about Brad Pitt's motorcycle accident, Lindsay Lohan has a whole new drug, Madonna's kids are skipping school. It's Monday. There is gossip.

  • The Todd English/Erica Wang PR food fight continues. In this round, jilted bride Wang's people are saying that celebrity chef English backed out of the wedding because his restaurants are in danger. English's people stick with the party line of "that Erica bitch is crazy, yo." Oh, also they added that Wang called English's kids "spoiled little pigs." This just gets classier and classier. [P6]
  • All the tabloids and paparazzi disagree as to what exactly happened in Brad Pitt's motorcycle accident. Reports range from he knicked a paparazzi's car to a pap rear ended him, he fell off his bike, got up, cussed the guy out, flew to the moon, picked up the flag that we planted there, flew back, and stabbed the guy through the heart with it. Who knows which story to believe. [E! Online]
  • Lindsay Lohan isn't drinking booze when she goes out now, but she may be addicted to shopping. To that news we give a resounding, "Duh!" [Gatecrasher]
  • Someone finally learned about this whole Levi Johnston posing naked thing. They even got a quote that his manager thinks he's "90% sure" he'll go full frontal. Hmm. Wonder where they got that. [P6]
  • Jon Gosselin has returned Kate's money. Like the rest of America, his lawyer is sick of him and fired Jon as a client. Hard times, brother. [People]
  • Jude Law's babymomma Samantha Burke sold pictures of their newborn baby to Hello! for $300,000. Not too shabby. [Gatecrasher]
  • In a desperate bid to be Oprah, Madonna is building a girls' school in Africa. She is visiting now and took her kids. So, while girls in Malawi need school, her own kids apparently do not. [UK Mirror]
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber has prostate cancer. Even the show queens who hate Phantom think that's sad. [NY Post]
  • Let the scandal over 9-year-old Noah Cyrus (Miley's sister) and her inappropriate Halloween costume begin. [UK Mirror]
  • Guess what Lady Gaga wears when she appears on Gossip Girl? It's something crazy! And we thought she'd rock the Blair Waldorf headband look. [People]