Self magazine editor Lucy Danziger should be awarded some sort of prize—the Nobel people should establish a new category, if necessary—because she chooses to ride a bicycle to work.

Rather than take advantage of the free car service offered by her employer, Conde Nast, Danziger voluntarily and without coercion climbs aboard a bicycle outside her home at 91st St. and Park Ave. and—powered only by her own cellular mitochondria—pedals the contraption through whizzing Manhattan traffic all the way to 43rd street, where her office is located. Every day, except "during snowstorms, or when she had important meetings," she forgoes the traditional town car in favor of a method of locomotion that rewards her only with fitness, freedom, and flair.

And an admiring article in the New York Times.

[Pic: Getty. Below, a map shows the treacherous territory Lucy Danziger navigates on her velocimobile.]