The generation that brought America sex, drugs, and Rock 'n Roll has had just about enough of you kids and your disgusting dance moves, weed smoking, and loud noise.

  • SEX: In Los Angeles, high schools fed up with kids doing their sexy, sexy dance moves out on the dance floor are drawing up "binding agreements that parents and students must sign before a teenager can step onto the dance floor" regulating sexxxy dance moves such as, quote, "sexual bending." What ever happened to doing the mashed potato?
  • DRUGS: Now that Obama's federal government has shamefully abdicated its duty to arrest weedheads, states are "Taking up the torch," heh, to ensure that you medical marijuana hippies don't get away with your toking and your smoking, of marijuana. Most states are run by old jerks.
  • ROCK N ROLL: Police are working with the club owners to keep the noise down, and it's really working out well.

Jimi Hendrix: Still dead.
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