The Muslim Brotherhood In Egypt is a political organization that once included Sayyid Qutb, the man who inspired Al-Qaeda. It was founded to promote Islamic law, oppress women etc. And now it wants to keep Beyonce out of Egypt!

Knowles is scheduled to perform her first ever concert in the land of fezes, camels carpets, pyramids and other obvious, slightly condescending cliches on November 6. Tickets for the show, at the Red Sea resort of Port Ghalib, are going for up to $400, according to a report on Al Arabiya.

But straight outta Cairo, a crazy Islamist MP named Hamdi Hassan, from a gang called The Muslim Brotherhood In Egypt, said he did not want no ho who appears nekkid in no goddamned videos up in his motherfucking hood. (I can't speak Arabic, so I'm choosing to assume this is the way he originally phrased it.) He wants regulators to mount up and get her permission to perform revoked.

"The government is trying to make people indulge in sin and licentiousness to cover up the other crimes it is committing against them," said Hassan in parliament, once again proving that the word 'licentiousness' is only used in such circumstances.

The Brotherhood is under pressure from that government. And various old-school religious nutjobs are fighting with hip, young religious nutjobs within its ranks. So this is seen as a way of making a statement and reminding people that hijabs are good, and booty-shaking is bad.

Last year another spittle-flecked crackpot in Egypt, a cleric called Khaled al-Gindi, likened Shakira to a prostitute and demanded she be banned. But added that he thought she was probably a "nice person." Which makes it all OK because everyone likes a hooker with a heart of gold.