Just another thirty feet across, and it would have been a weapon of mass destruction, that petit meteor that recently exploded in the skies above Indonesia. This is why Barack Obama must build us a force field, against heavenly apocalypse.

Scientists had no clue a thirty-foot meteor was hurtling toward the Earth (see attached video) until it exploded with the force of 50,000 tons of TNT, in the atmosphere, according to the Telegraph. If it had been twice as large, the astronomers add, it could easily have killed a bunch of people — and still been nearly impossible to detect ahead of time.

Tim Spahr, director of the Minor Planet Center... said: "If you want to find the smallest objects you have to build more, larger telescopes. A survey that finds all of the 20-metre objects will cost probably multiple billions of dollars."

And guess who has to figure out how to pay for it: "The White House is to develop a policy on the space object impact threat by October next year. " Not like those people have anything else to do, other than build a space shield, with communism.

(Video via YouTube)