Fat propagandist Michael Moore told Jimmy Kimmel that he consumed tequila with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez at 2 AM. Socialists are furious!

In Moore's story—which, we remind you again, was an amusing anecdote delivered on a late-night comedy talk show program—he went to Chavez's hotel room to ask him to please quiet down and ended up partying with him all night. They consumed a bottle and a half of tequila. And the punchline was that Chavez's speech to the UN was made up mostly of things Moore said to him, while drunk.

Now. According to the public record, Chavez and Moore met in Venice for three hours during the day. And also Chavez is a teetotaler.

Obviously, Marxists are not happy with Moore.

Franz JT Lee, a Marxist academic and blogger, claimed that the film-maker's comments were "part of the United States' 'war of ideas'" against Venezuela, and said similar "propaganda" led to the rise of the Nazis in 1930s Germany.

Right. Well. Michael Moore himself is not happy with people repeating this made-up anecdote he told, though! He claims that the bit where the meeting happened late at night, and not during the day, is true! He does not make any claims about the rest of it, with the tequila and the speech. But the time of day, though, that is rock solid.

Obviously Moore is a liar who hates America and we must always remember that even when he has a legitimate point to make about anything. (He is fat, too.)

Commence arguing!