Happy pre-Halloween Thursday, live bloggers! As a bunch of witty folks interested in designing outfits (or at least watching others do it on TV), I'll bet you guys have some cool costumes planned for this weekend, huh?

So I'm going to propose a fun little diversion for us to participate in before and during tonight's live blog (which, as always, happens in the comments section below, when the show gets underway on Lifetime at 10 Eastern). In the comments section, please describe any Halloween costumes you plan to create/wear this weekend, and I'll post a selection of some of more interesting or funny ones in next week's live blog post.

Also, if you're so inclined, e-mail a picture of yourself in your costume to me by clicking here (between now and next Tuesday). I may include a link to a selection of those pictures in next week's post as well. Just be sure your face is obscured in any picture you send me if you want to remain anonymous. Depending on how many pictures I receive, I may even turn it into some kind of "Project Halloween" contest and ask folks to vote for a winner.

I'm guessing that would be a blast because, as I mentioned above, you're a witty bunch. As evidence of that, click here to read a selection of some of my favorite comments from last week's live blog. But don't do that just yet, because I've spun my little preview DVD from Lifetime and have the following "sneak peeks" to share regarding tonight's episode:

  • Christopher will describe his time so far on Project Runway as follows: "Congratulations, great work, fantastic, stunning …. sucky, we hate it, we hate you, you're fat." That's actually a pretty apt summary (except for the "fat" part).
  • Logan will say: "Irina has the nickname ‘Mean-a-rena' for a reason." Hey Logan, you have the nickname "Fug-Clothin' Logan" for a reason too.
  • Althea will accuse Logan of stealing her ideas. Talk about petty theft!
  • The guest judge is actress Kerry Washington who, according to IMDB.com, is part Native American. Maybe Bob Mackie can design her one of these.

Ok, time to get tricking and treating, kids. See you down in the comments!

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