One week ago, Dominic Carter was a well-respected stout political news anchor on NY1. Now he's just an unemployed dude who can't even get on a plane. Flight attendants now have far more power in New York than Dominic Carter.

Recap: Dominic Carter was charged with beating his wife last year, he finally went to court last week (his wife said he was innocent, though in an unconvincing manner), then news emerged that he'd tried to name-drop his way out of the charges in court, which caused NY1 to suspend him indefinitely. All the alleged wife-beater wanted to do was get out of the city for a while and go hang out in Kansas City while this whole thing blows over. But no. He accidentally bumped a flight attendant when he bent down to tie his shoelaces, reportedly, which is not tolerated:

The steward took exception to the inadvertent contact and called cops and a ground operator supervisor, officials said.

"That other guy lost it, 'Oh, no! You bumped into me! You will be removed from this flight!' " his aunt, Inez Carter, 63, told The Post.

And then Dominic volunteered to get off the flight and just got on the next flight, because of this zealous flight attendant, and for his troubles he got LOL-ed at in the tabloids, which are both kind of like "You think you had a bad week, check out this guy!" Which is accurate. Not to mention his wife's past year or so.
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