Authors: never get conned by a friendly reporter into doing one of those "Let's Explore This Famous Writers' Work Space" stories. Your cool office is only cool in secret. We mean you, Jonathan Lethem!

All your knick-knacks with deep personal meaning and your special desk and your crazy exercise habits and your office location in gentrifying urban wasteland? Fine, fine. Until it gets cataloged in a newspaper, which kills its magic and makes you look like a twee, stereotypically unbearable Brooklyn Literary Person.

A treadmill is jammed up against [Lethem's 'talismanic' desk]. He explains the jerry-rigged system: a wireless keyboard and a giant computer-font setting allow him to walk and work simultaneously.

Apparently that's just what it takes to maintain his "youthful nerd-chic vibe belying his age (45)" in his "communal artists' workspace by the Gowanus Canal" while wearing his brown glasses and matching brown corduroys. It all just looks bad in print. Keep your door locked, Lethem. Then treadmill to your heart's content!

Try Super Squats too.